oooDoodle Crayons: Twinkies Sticks Set

oooDoodle Crayons: Twinkies Sticks Set

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Hello Malaysia with love 🇲🇾

In conjunction with our National Day + Malaysia day celebrations, we are proud to introduce our latest🌟 oooDoodle Crayons : Twinkies Sticks Set 🌟 for a limited period of time, and its made to order only.

🌟oooDoodle Crayons : Twinkies Sticks Set🌟is created based on the inspiration of ‘Colours of Malaysia or Citrawarna’. Each of the crayon piece is created with two random colours from our standard palate making each piece to be very unique, just like every Malaysian today.

Each box comes with 8 crayons sticks. Each box received will have different colour combinations - you are definitely in for a surprise 😍😍

These kaleidoscope of colour combinations are our tribute to Malaysia's unique blend of multicultural diversity from people, food, language, culture and arts and how we come together in multiple festive celebrations throughout the year.

Happy Birthday Malaysia. It’s time to share the story of Malaysia through doodling with your little ones 💕