Tinker & Giggle Box: Space Explorer

Tinker & Giggle Box: Space Explorer

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3..2.. 1.. TAKE OFF

Calling all space enthusiasts! It’s time to take your little imaginations further! This gift box set makes perfect gift for little space explorers enthusiasts or as an introductory set to learning about space for little ones to older kids who can now go beyond with their little space imaginations tinkering with the space figurines.

🚀 Age group: 3-7 years old ⁣⁣
🚀 1x 7 space adventure figurines metal pieces set with ChubbyFingersPlay cotton bag ⁣⁣
🚀 1x mini mat space reusable colouring mat with complimentary mini markers set⁣
🚀 1x 10 pieces of space colouring materials set⁣
🚀 1x 3 oooDoodle Crayon Rainbow Sticks pack⁣

Lets explore the space now weee!